Friday, October 08, 2010

Standing on the brink of insurrection and treason II

Regular readers here know that we have been quite critical of candidate Tom Emmer’s legislative offerings that claim to give the Minnesota Legislature and the governor the authority to nullify federal law without seeking a federal court ruling about the law’s constitutionality. A recent post here refers to the words of Andrew Jackson — the title to the post above — in responding to an “ordinance of nullification” by South Carolina in 1832 that tried to nullify federal tariff law.

I am producing a video on the topic of nullification and Emmer’s record. One of the persons interviewed for the video is Professor William Green of Augsburg College. Professor Green’s specialties include American legal history and the history of civil rights.

I offer just a few of his remarks as a “trailer” for the video, which I hope to finish next week.

You may also enjoy my post Governor Emmer, the federals are massing at the border.

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