Monday, October 18, 2010

The Strib difference: "We have editors" - not fact checkers

How many times have we heard the refrain coming from traditional media aimed at bloggers "We have editors"? The Minneapolis Star Tribune has editors, but apparently not very good ones, or ones who check facts, or who even read their own paper, for that matter.

Over the weekend the paper gave an early endorsement to Tom Horner, a candidate they have frankly been pimping in the news and editorial pages for months. The editorial asserted that Horner "attracted an impressive list of bipartisan endorsements." But he hasn't. What he has amassed is an array of Republican and former Republican endorsements. Like I said, they don't even read their own paper.  It's getting pretty bad when you can't trust even the most basic statements of things printed in the paper. Note to Strib: In journalism things aren't true just because you say so, or you wish they were true.


blogspotdog said...

Well, okay, one sour grapes Democat now, Mike Ciresi.

Rob Levine said...

Ciresi was only an opportunistic Democrat. His firm's philanthropy is involved with the Minneapolis Foundation/Itasca Project/Minncan plot.

Tom said...

See!  It is bipartisan.  Even the Strib gets it right now and then.