Monday, October 11, 2010

Keith Ellison at Drinking Liberally on Thursday

Update: I have just been informed by Rep. Ellison’s office that he cannot come to our meeting. Both he and I are sorry about that, but I hope you will come for some lively political discussion anyway.

I will probably mention this week’s Drinking Liberally meeting – Thursday, October 14th - here a couple of times. That’s because our guest is Congressman Keith Ellison. I’ve been trying to get Rep. Ellison as a guest for a while, but we’ve never been able to mesh the schedules.  We certainly look forward to welcoming him to the 331 Club stage.

We expect that Rep. Ellison will arrive around seven for some remarks, to take some questions, and to visit with the crowd afterwards. It will be a memorable DL event.

Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis meets every Thursday from six to nine at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis.

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DiscordianStooge said...

Apparently he cancelled again. Shocking.