Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jean Nelson introduces Jim Meffert at Drinking Liberally!

On October 7th, Jim Meffert, the DFL candidate in the 3rd Congressional District, came to Drinking Liberally; his mother-in-law came along to introduce him. You’ll have to wait a few more days for the video of Jim’s appearance, and that of candidates for the Legislature Ron Case (Senate 42) and Kevin Staunton (House 41A). In the meantime, I am sure you will enjoy this.

Jean did a campaign video responding to an attack at of Erik Paulsen; she’s done a second one since; you can see both of Jean’s videos at Jim Meffert’s campaign website.


Jambo said...

Hey Spot, I've pretty much hung up the blogging hat but saw something today that I had to pass along to someone who might enjoy it almost as much as I did.  I didn't have any other way to contact you so I'm posting it in this completely off topic comment.

This was in the Strib letters section today:

<span>"I have been enjoying Kersten's columns in the Star Tribune since the days when she was associated with the Center of the American Experiment. The pleasure I receive from her work is multiplied several times by the vicious and predictable responses from her critics. She has been singled out as Minnesota's worst writer by some of Minnesota's top literary snobs -- seen as quite an achievement by us little people. When will her critics realize that her easy-to-read, common-sense opinions are among the top reasons we continue to maintain our subscriptions? RUSS PAUMEN, MAPLE LAKE"</span>

I found that hilarious since the whole "Minnesota's Worst Writer" thing was just a Google bomb I set off on the old Three Way News blog half a decade ago.  And now I find out i'm one of the state's top literary snobs!

I remembered you as someone who hates Kersten as much as I do so i figured you'd find this pretty amusing.  Who knew some of this stuff would stick around so long?

blogspotdog said...

Many, including me, have tried to start memes about Katie that have not been been anywhere near as successful as yours.