Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Representing “a bygone era”

That was RPM mouthpiece Michael Brodkorb’s reaction to the endorsement of Tom Horner by several former Republican legislators.

They’re all apostates! cries Brodkorb. Every last one of them! Here’s the list of traitors:

Besides [former Sen. Peter] Belanger, the Republicans endorsing Horner include: former Rep. Peggy Leppik of Golden Valley, former Rep. Dennis Ozment of Rosemont, former Rep. Roger Scherer of Brooklyn Center, former Rep. David Jennings of Martin and Watonwan counties, former Rep. Lynne Osterman of New Hope, former Rep. Dave Bishop of Rochester, former Rep. Bill Schreiber of Brooklyn Park, former Rep. Art Seaberg of South St. Paul, former Rep. Rod Searle of Waseca, former Rep. Neil Peterson of Bloomington, former Sen. Ed Oliver of Deephaven and former Sen. George Pillsbury of Wayzata.

And let’s not forget Arne Carlson, too.

Truer words have seldom passed Michael’s lips. There was a time when the Republican Party in Minnesota was not composed entirely of gasbags peddling grievance, resentment, and bigotry. A bygone era, indeed.


Tom said...

While I'm glad that Mr. Horner is picking up some endorsements which may bolster his candidacy, maybe there is a reason that these people are former legislators.  It will help Mr. Horner if he can get the endorsement of some former DFL legislators as they represent the majority party here in Minnesota.

James K said...

Then lets hope he doesn't because the last thing we need is Emmer somehow winning because of Horner like T-Paw did.

Phoenix said...

These people were all moderate to conservative Republicans who were forced out by the social conservatives of the Allen Quist/Tea Party wing.  Brodkorb and Mitch Berg are just pouting because for once a third-party candidate is hurting the Republicans and not the DFLers; Tim Pawlenty wouldn't be governor today if not for the IP siphoning off just enough DFL votes to help him - and he still almost lost in 2006.