Saturday, August 12, 2006

Entirely derivitive

MNObserver apparently read Sigmund Spot and Spot's posts about the authoritarian personality. A day or so ago, MNObserver referred Spot to a post entitled Cracks In The Wall, Part I: Defining the Authoritarian Personality from late this week at Orcinus, apprently some kind of black and white fish, not spotted, but kind of a two-tone job. Anyway, Spot wanted Sigmund Spot's reaction to it. It was predictable:
Who is zat Sara Robinson who wrote za article? Za vork is sehr derivitive of za work by Siggy and Stanley Milgram! Zis is an outrage!

After Spot calmed Sigmund Spot down a little, Siggy admitted zhat that it was a pretty good inventory of the authoritarian types, both leaders and followers. Spotty thinks so, too. Only, Robinson is a little more optimistic than either Siggy or Spotty.

There ae supposed to be two follow-up posts, but Spot hasn't seen them yet.

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