Thursday, August 17, 2006

You remember Brien, boys and girls?

Of course you do. Perhaps after limbering up (or something up, anyway!) by posting a comment on Spotty's blog, he penned this one to the local weekly, the Sun Current:
To the editor:

The election campaign season has started and lawn signs are popping up like tulips at springtime. However earlier in the year the most important part of the campaign process for candidates was getting their respective political party's endorsement.

The party endorsement is critical in establishing the creditably of the candidate which leads to added financial support from the party and volunteers to work on the campaign. It is a major political milestone to be achieved in validating the candidate's viability.

To get the highest level of benefit, the endorsement is communicated on every piece of campaign material or media possible. Of the materials the endorsement is best publicized on the candidate's lawn signs. This is because, like billboards, lawn sign messages reach the widest viewing audience.

With that, I find it curious that the DFL candidate Andrew Borene has decided not to publicize the endorsement he received from the DFL Party on his lawn signs. Either this was a big marketing mistake or he wants to tone down widespread public attention of his DFL endorsement. It, I think, was not a mistake.

Brien A. Martin


Brien Martin is vice chair of the Senate District 41 Republican Party.

The funny thing is that if you go to Geoff Michel's campaign website, you will see jolly pictures like this:

This is, of course, what Michel's lawn signs look like! Perhaps our friend Brien brings his careful proofreading skills to the task of reading signs here, too, and finds that they say Republican somewhere! Putz.

But Spotty, Brien is the only blowhard Republican in Edina, right?

Alas, grasshopper, sadly no. This one was in the Sun Current a couple of weeks ago. Spot can't find the link, but he assures you it is an accurate copy of the letter.
To the editor:

My wife and I had a marvelous time at the Edina Fourth of July parade.

We helped decorate a float and then had a ball handing out red, white and blue beads to the veterans and all the kids. We gave beads to everyone who smiled or put out their hands, regardless of what political candidate's sticker they were wearing.

Then we went to the Senate District 41 Republican barbecue at the Community Center. What a great sight it was to see all of the veterans sitting together at tables and eating those terrific burgers and brats. I would love to have heard some of the stories being told. No one cared to what political party you belonged. What a great way to celebrate July 4th.

All this feeling of patriotism and good fun was quickly deflated when I read two days later that DFL endorsed Senate District 41 candidate Andrew Borene got into a political snit and complained about the way our wonderful veterans were invited to the barbecue. I don't know who should be more ashamed: Mr. Borene or Edina's Recreation Supervisor Susie Miller who kowtowed to Borene's silly complaint and sent a letter of apology to all of the veterans.

The citizens of Edina do not need a person of Mr. Borene's ilk representing us in the state Senate and I will do everything I can to ensure our current Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina, gets re-elected in November.

Bob Maginnis


You see, Brien and Bob have kind of a poison pen club! Brien even brags about it in his alcohol-fueled comment to Spot, linked above. Bob, and guys of his ilk to borrow a word, seems to think that it is okay for the City of Edina, where elections aren't even partisan, to sponsor a Republican picnic!

What Spot really wants to talk about, though, is the position of the Edina Sun Current. It very much seems to prefer bon-bons like the two examples above, while eschewing policy discussion because well, sigh, they are just too long (250 words max!)! It is obvious that the Sun Current is remaining true to its humble origins!

On the other hand, this week's Sun Current has room for a six-hundred word pity party about 9/11 by Peggy Bakken, executive editor. That's okay, Peggy, just let it out! It would be a genuine shame if you had to talk about, say, the sorry state of transportation for Edina commuters and Geoff Michel's role in it.

Perhaps Spot can come over some time for a pretend tea party at your pretend newspaper.

A thump of the tail to Wild Blue for his comment.

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