Sunday, August 06, 2006

His mother wears combat boots!

Juan Cole’s mother, that is. At least according to Scotty at Power Line:

No teacher for Taliban Man: Still digging

University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole hits bottom and keeps digging. TigerHawk takes note in "Juan Cole moral equivalence watch."

Posted by Scott at 08:40 AM

You see, all the mouth breathers like Death Squad John, Scotty, Owly Paul and TigerHawk have had their undies in a bunch for a long time over Professor Juan Cole. Professor Cole, proprietor of Informed Comment, one of the best expert blogs out there, is a very inconvenient person for these guys, because Cole bringing up stuff about Iraq and Lebanon and Israel that seriously cuts into the time these guys have for mutual grooming rituals. Cole even reads and speaks Arabic which of course makes him immediately suspect.

The comment that the Professor made that currently inflames our correspondents, linked in the quote above, is that Israel seems to have a much more specific and current plan for destroying Lebanon than Iran has for destroying Israel! Cheeky! Cole can use words that sting, such as these over the recent bombing in Qaa in the Bekka Valley in Lebanon:

Intrepid Israeli fighter jet pilots tracked down sinister terrorist cucumbers and other vicious vegetables being loaded onto a refrigerated truck by Syrian seasonal laborers. Unfortunately the wicked terrorist cucumbers were hiding themselves amidst civilian workers, and it was necessary to kill 26 of the latter to end the threat of pickling. Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman castigated the cucumbers as "animals." Alan Dershowitz pointed out that vegetables cannot be considered civilians.

By the way, what is moral equivalence, Spotty?

Well, as best Spot can determine, grasshopper, it is a rhetorical trick invented by the deep thinker George Will. Conservatives use it to say that bad acts are not equal: if Hizbullah and Israel each kill ten innocents, it’s not the same, because they say Israel is good, and Hizbullah is bad. It is used to justify war crimes on one side but not the other. Of course, the twenty people are still dead.

It’s kind of like the epitaph: He Had the Right of Way.

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