Sunday, August 27, 2006

A little advice

Captain Fishsticks went all postal on Spot's latest responding to Sticks responding to Spot. Got that? Just a couple of practice points for you, Sticks.

Sticks, Spot sure hopes that you haven't told Justice is Blonde that motivation is irrelevant to the discussion of school vouchers, or anything else for that matter. Motive or bias in a witness is often the most important of the testimonial attributes. Ignore it, and you'll get suckered every time.

Second, don't lose your cool on the stand. And don't put your comments all in bold. It makes you look like a schmuck and it detracts from your appearance of sincerity.

Finally, and this is really important Sticks, when responding, don't repeat every word you opponent said. It just gives everyone the chance to hear your opponent's story again. A real rookie mistake.

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