Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More on Jesus in the slammer

Da Wege has a post this morning about a St. Paul Pioneer Press article describing the firing of Kristine Holmgren, the chaplain at the women's state prison in Shakopee. Four DFL legislators have written to the governor about it. The Pioneer Press says this:
According to the letter and to Holmgren, she was fired after expressing concerns to the prison warden about InnerChange Freedom Initiative, a Christian program being introduced to Shakopee this summer.

There is some implication that the governor's office may have had something to do with the firing.

Spot's more sentinent readers will recall that he posted before about InnerChange Freedom Initiative at Lino Lakes in a post titled Dissembling for Jesus. It was based in part on an web article on Media Transparency by Bill Berkowitz that was critical of ICFI. As stated in Berkowitz's articfle, a federal judge recently held that the ICFI operation in the Iowa prison system was a thinly-disguished, and not even all that disguised, establishment of evangelical Christianity in a state facility.

To add injury to insult, Spot's post describes how the program doesn't work anyway.

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