Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Great Pretender continued

Spotty's state senator, Geoff Michel (R - Davey Strom's Front Porch), must think that people are really stupid. Either that, or they have no memory whatsover. But Spot remembers, and he is just a dog. People in Senate District 41 are going to remember at election time, too.  Here's a bit from a Strib article from July 25th:
State Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina, said delay is the No. 1 highway issue for the western and southern suburbs, even worthy of a special session of the Legislature if special funded [probably should read: funding] is needed. "I've been personally pounding on the governor's office, and MnDOT and the Met Council saying let's do something."

Michel said his predecessor, Sen. Roy Terwilliger, R-Edina, complains that "It's going to take us longer to fix the Crosstown than it did to fight and win World War II. He's absolutely right and people are just fed up about it. They don't want to hear excuses."

What Geoff is referring to, of course, is the continuing delay in the Crosstown Commons project. But Geoff and the governor, two people in thrall to the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, and signers of the No New Taxes Ever, I Really Mean It, Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Pledge, voted against a gasoline tax increase last year that would have helped raise the matching funds Minnesota needed to do the Crosstown Commons project.

It is disingenuous, dissembling weaselry in its purest form for Geoff Michel to now claim he has a genuine interest in the plight of Crosstown commuters.

Oh yes, he's the Great Pretender!

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