Sunday, August 13, 2006

What to do? What to do?

Well, contrary to the instructions of Spot and a lot of other liberal bloggers, the DFL Central Committee went ahead yesterday and endorsed Steve Kelley for Attorney General. Norwegianity is pretty cheesed off about it. He says it was an ill-conceived and ill-timed decision and says it much more colorfully than Spot.

What to do now? Norwegianity says punish the party and the endorsed candidate by supporting either of his opponents, Lori Swanson or Bill Luther in the September primary. That's one approach. Here's another: ignore the endorsement - made under these regrettable circumstances - and go ahead and vote for the candidate who you think is best for the job and most likely to win in November. Since there are no interesting Republican primary races (a big surprise there), we can assume that there will be some cross-over Republican mischief-making in the DFL primary.

Spot doesn't think he will add to that with a protest vote in the AG's race. He's gonna listen to what each of them have to say between now and the primary, especially about enforcement in the health care, securities, and consumer protection areas.

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