Saturday, August 05, 2006

More Juice I Say!

Sigmund Spot vants to tell za kinder today about za psychological research from ven Sigmund Spot vas just ze young pup scientist. Zombody vanted to find out if zere vas a zertan kind of person who vas really gut at following ze orders. Zo, zey zet up ze sneaky experiment!

Zey told a bunch of people zey need ze help in conducting ze experiment. But ze people recruited to give ze help were really ze subjects! Ach, that's become kind of za no-no, but never mind for now. Anyvay, ze told za recruits ze wanted to study the effects of za electric shock on za (fake) subjects, and zat ze recruits were needed to administer za shocks so za scientist could record the effects.

Za (real) subjects were zeated by za maschine with za dial to zhow za strenth of za shock. It went from za mild to medium, all za way up to zowee! dead as za doornail. But don't worry liebschen, za shocks were not real! Zen, zey hooked up ze fake subject to ze fake maschine, drew a curtain, and instructed ze real subject to start administering za shocks.

Za fake subjects went along with za ruse, and started out by zaying za shocks weren't too bad, zey tickeled, et zetera. Zen as the subject twisted the za dial for higher shocks, za fake subjects started to complain and tell za scientist to stop! Siggy says za ze fake subjects must have had za fun playing their part! But za scientist called for more juice.

Zomtimes, za real subject would say No way, I'm outta here! But zometimes not. Zome subjects woud administer more and higher shocks, even as za fake subjects screamed in za agony and pleaded for zere lives. More subjects quit along za way. But zome of zem were willing to follow za orders of za scientist to twist za dial all za way to zowee! dead as za doornail.

Here is za picture from za experiment:

Vat do ve call za people who vould administer za fatal juice on command, liebschen?


Vell, not all of zem. But as John Dean (yes, liebschen, zat John Dean) zes in za new book Conservatives without Conscience, zere are a lot of authoritarian personalities among za Republicans. Za religious fundamentalists and za neo-cons. Siggy zes go read za book.

No links for Siggy's story, because Siggy was zere!

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