Monday, August 14, 2006

Take the money and run

Dean Zimmerman’s conviction last week for taking bribes while a member of the Minneapolis City Council was noteworthy, and regrettable. But perhaps what happened after it is more important, politically. According to Polinaut, the Green Party issued a statement this weekend.

The Green Party of Minnesota reaffirms its belief that Dean Zimmermann had no intention to solicit or take bribes. We base this on his record of more than half a century of service to his community and active work for justice. We recognize that he has made serious mistakes in the handling of funds, and we do not condone or excuse those mistakes. Nevertheless, we believe that he was never motivated by personal gain.

Our hearts go out to Dean and his family in what is clearly a tragic situation. We have serious concerns about what appears to have been questionable investigative practices by federal authorities.

As a party we believe that the root of the problem is the vast sums of money being poured into politics and the climate of widespread suspicion and corruption that it creates. We are concerned about the legal bribery inherent in the existing political system.

The Green Party continues to stand, as it always has, for clean and fair elections, public funding of campaigns, and strict regulation of lobbying.

What? You could watch a video of Zimmerman taking the money!

Why is this important, boys and girls? Spotty says that it proves 1) Greens are ordinary mortals with their pro-rata share of vices, and 2) the Greens don’t believe #1. The party’s belief in its own moral superiority is a key attribute in party members’ identification with it. But after Zimmerman, members ought to consider if there is really moral superiority in the brand and think seriously about shopping elsewhere. Specifically.

Julie Risser’s feel-good run in SD41 can accomplish nothing progressive. In fact, it may accomplish a lot less than nothing. It may give a group of progressive authoritarians a sense of group identity and moral superiority, but that’s it. Wouldn’t it be so much better to actually elect a progressive candidate?

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