Sunday, August 20, 2006

She's a what?

A Brienian Bozette. Carol Overland. You can figure it out boys and girls. Carol submitted this comment to You remember Brien, boys and girls?
Hey, in picking at failure to displayendorsements, you failed to note that there IS a candidate who does disclose endorsement in SD 41! Risser is THE SD 41 candidate who DOES list her party on her sign!

And neither Michel nor Borene do. And Michel's signs are GREEN, and Borenes are not blue weighted... what does this mean?

Well, Spot's a monkey's uncle! It's there, just a plain as day. Every osprey in town knows that Julie is a Greenie! Motorists going by at the posted 30 miles an hour, maybe not so much.

What's that grasshopper? You can't see the wording about the Green endorsement? Oh, it's there; just enlarge the picture maybe a 1000% or so and you'll see it too!

What the point? Well the point is that there is no point. Other than the fact that Brien Martin, Carol Overland and the Edina Sun Current are all a bunch of fools.

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