Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The only good . . .

The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. And maybe some civilians, too, but let God sort 'em out. Spot is not the first to comment on these remarks by Death Squad John, most memorably by Jesus' General here. Here's what DSJ had to say:
Anti-terror policy no doubt involves complexities at various points, but the fundamental principle, I think, is quite simple. There are two kinds of terrorists: live terrorists and dead ones. The basic object of anti-terror policy should be to turn the former into the latter. As long as that process is proceeding satisfactorily, it should continue. The time for a cease-fire, it seems to me, is when Hezbollah has more or less run out of live terrorists. I don't think that moment has yet arrived.

He's really a bloodthirsty little bugger isn't he, boys and girls? But here's a picture from the aftermath of the Israeli bombing of Qana (AP photo) that ought to give even Death Squad John pause:

But it won't, of course.

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