Thursday, August 10, 2006

MPR article on S41

Busy day; headed for DL in a while; not much time to post. Spot did want to mention this web article at MPR: Edina is key suburban battleground this campaign. This first thing Spot noticed is that there are pictures of each candidate in the article. Andrew Borene, the DFL candidate is standing with his wife Britta and a group of supporters, including a coule of kids - and not Borene's kids either. In his picture, Geoff Michel, the Republican incumbent, is standing with a single connstituent. Julie Risser, the Green candidate, is at a table reaching into a stack of papers, Green Party manifestos, no doubt. Spot says draw your own conclusions.

Borene says in the article:
I would certainly hope that people would judge me based on my actions, not what pledges I sign, not what caucus I caucus with, and listen to what I really believe, and the things I want to do for the community," Borene said. "I'll never sell the community out for a special interest pledge because my family's here.

Unlike Michel, who will have to run on his lamentable record. One of the first things Geoff Michel voted to do when he took office was vote on the Minnesota Senate floor to pull a concealed handgun bill out of committe for a floor vote. By the time the bill finally came up, his vote wasn't needed, so Michel got the okay to vote no from Dick Day, the Senate Minority Leader. You see, Michel had heard from a lot of voters who didn't want people packin' at Southdale.

People, even legislators, are entitled to change their minds on something. But that is not what Michel did; the political wind just blew him around. This one issue is probably the most emblamatic of the fecklessness of Geoff Michel. Just ask him about family members who got carry permits sometime.

Michel, along with the governor, was one of the no new taxes pledge guys. He ran on it, and obviously thought it helped him when he ran the last time. Now he'd rather you didn't remember it. But we remember Geoff.

We remember how you and the governor engineered the $185 million decrease in education funding in your first state budget. And we remember how you helped give the governor a veto-proof margin against a ten cent gas tax increase last year. We remember that every time we sit and fume on the Crosstown! And we think that trying to pretend that you are all, like, worried about the Crosstown Commons now is titanic hypocrisy.

In the article, Michel also reminds us of his membership in the 20/20 caucus. Ask Michel what single piece of legislation the "caucus" has proposed, much less gotten passed. It's just cheap political veneer.

Spot called Geoff Michel the Great Pretender. If you haven't already, follow the link and see why. Julie Risser? We'll save her for later.

Update: added the red italicized language. Spot regrets the error.

Further update: Got the attribution straight. Spot told you he was in a hurry to get to DL. Thanks, in fact, to a DL regular, Smartie, for the catch.

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