Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chocolate who?

Spot is late to this party, but that is often true, isn't it boys and girls? Apparently, some days ago, a blogger by the name of Kathy Sierra received some death threats because of her writing:
And yet a group of people hate her so much that they would trip over the line into a vile, sexually depraved attacks and threats. And what brngs about this rage? Honestly? I would have to guess its a personality disorder of some kind. Because, again, Ms. Sierra writes about the software industry! How far down the rabbit hole do you have to be that disagreements about OO send you flying right off the edge of sanity into Hannibal Lector territory? It’s insane and I hope the cops catch the SOB responsible. No one should be afraid because they have an opinion — especially an opinion on how to write code.
So, Ms. Sierra writes about software, and some drooling beetle brows send her death threats? Sweet chocolate Jesus! But then Kos, yes that Kos, says to Kathy: get over it. It goes with the territory.

And then Wege says--which is how Spotty learned about the whole thing--wait just a damn minute. Having an opinion about something doesn't mean that you sign up for violent threats against you. And Wege is right, of course.

The wilds of blogistan and cyberia should be free wheeling, but there is no room for threats of physical violence. None. So to Kathy Sierra's tormenters, Spot says piss off, be gone, and spend some time considering the defects in your character. And to Kos, Spot says for God's sake, don't encourage them.

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