Saturday, April 21, 2007

Vote for Andy!

The proprietor of the blog Stubborn Residue, via Blog House, said a couple of weeks ago concerning the proposal to increase income taxes at the top in Minnesota:

All those high tech programs we're paying through the teeth [isn't it through the nose we pay for things, Andy?] for at the U of M will be churning out grads looking for high paying jobs to fit their education (ahem, in this new tax bracket), and they come to a stark realization. Minnesota will no longer have anyone providing these level of jobs, as most companies that can will have relocated. And these grads will be too smart to live in a state that is going to suck almost 10 percent off the top of their wages for the companies stuck here.

Spot had visions that Andy had the Vista Cruiser all packed! Ready to move to more temperate tax climes like Mississippi or Alabama. Apparently not. This word now comes to Spot: AAA is running for vice chair of the sixth district GOP.

With shining eyes, Spot asks, "Where do we get men like these?"

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