Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Inconsistent statements

A little DOJ bird says to Rachel Paulose: You need a really fluffy interview to get some good ink. Rachel replies, sure, but who? How about a local gossip columnist? They aren't very careful. Great, says Paulose. I'll call C.J.

Minnesota U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose and her predecessor, Tom Heffelfinger, shared a two-hour lunch at Atlas a couple of weeks ago.

Word is the air seemed very clear after they left.

Why did they do that?

Asked about lunch with Heff, Paulose was succinct: "We're friends."

Notice, boys and girls, it is not clear—as is usually the case in C.J.'s column—who the source of the information that "the air is very clear" is.

Isn't it nice that Rachel and Heff are friends?

Wait a minute Spotty. Heff, I mean Mr. Heffelfinger, didn't get invited to Ms. Paulose's coronation, or investiture, or whatever.

That's right, grasshopper, and here's what Paulose said about invitations, again from C.J.'s column:

[ … ] She's real smart, but I didn't get the idea that she thinks she is the second coming of former U.S. Attorney Miles Lord.

Lord was not invited to her investiture, and neither was Tom Berg. Paulose tells me she invited only predecessors with whom she had relationships. [italics are Spot's]

Apparently, C.J., Heffelfinger is Rachel's friend, even though she's never had a relationship with him. (Presumably, Rachel and C.J. are just referring to platonic relationships.) Friends without friendships. Quite a concept, Spot thinks!

Either that, or the two statements are flatly contradictory, and any journalist worth her salt would have followed up.

Spotty says never get your news from a gossip column.

A big thump of the tail to Avidor.

Update: Clarification to the sentence about source per comment from the Demure One.

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