Sunday, April 01, 2007

Katie's prayer

Dear Lord,

Just a short one tonight. The news is over, so I should be asleep by now.

I want to thank You again for the flying imams. They have been, well, a Godsend.

Without the imams, perhaps I would have had to write more about the Iraq war, or Hurricane Katrina, or the cloud hanging over the coronation of Rachel Paulose. Who knows? Maybe even Halliburton's no-bid bonanza, or one of the other thirty-plus scandals that the administration has got going.

This conservative columnist gig is no picnic these days, let me tell You! So I appreciate the help.

In fact most of the right-wing blogosphere owes You a debt of gratitude for the flying imams. Why, a couple of days ago, Michelle Malkin put up a powerful post where she expressed solidarity with Mr. and Mrs. Bigot, saying we are all "John Doe" now. It was great, even if the idea was just derivative of the I'm Spartacus campaign mounted to support the two liberal blogger women who were hounded off of John Edwards' campaign by Bill Donahue.

I can't remember an incident that has promoted as much fear and paranoia. Your Hand had to be in it.

Well, g'night. Talk to you in the morning; morning in the Midwest anyway.

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