Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe Repya redux

About a year ago, boys and girls, Spot put up a couple of posts about Eagan resident Joe Repya. One of them, Repya's Rantings, has always gotten a few hits a day, even months after it went up. Repya is a recently-retired Army officer, cheerleader of the Iraq war, a delegate to the 2004 Republican Convention, and an apparent Republican insurgent who is after Ron Carey's job as party chair.

The subject of Spot's post was the political activism of Joe Repya, then an active military officer, and his criticism of local columnist Nick Coleman who had written a column itself critical of operation Iraqi Freedom.

A funny thing has happened, though. In the last month or so, the hits on Repya's Rantings have increased: 20, then 25, and sometimes 30 or more a day, and the trend is still upward. Some of this can be explained, Spot supposes, because Repya is running for party chair, but not all of it. Referring pages come from all over the country, including Florida and Washington State.

In fact, if you do a Google search of the term "Joe Repya," Spot's post is number two in rank; at least it was a few minutes ago. That's ahead of anything from Power Line, Captain Ed, or Let Freedom Ring. There is only one item listed above Spot: U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Sailors. Repya is an "honorary" lightship sailor. This afternoon, this comment was posted to Repya's Rantings referring to the lightship piece:

It's a bit unsettling to read the Lightship piece about Repya - whoever wrote it kept capitalizing the 'h' in him when referring to Repya, e.g., "The first time I met Him".

The way I was raised, there's only one Him you capitalize that way, and it isn't Repya.

Joe Repya is indeed one of the tin gods for the righties. His bid for party chair will be interesting to follow. One of his supporters is Andy at Residual Forces.


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