Thursday, April 05, 2007

Katie will be soooo jealous!

That little tart Pamela of Atlas Rugs (you could look 'em up in the Yellow Pages) is flirting with Katie's Scott Johnson of Powerline. Scandalous really. It seems the two got together at a recent caucus of concerned conservatives to discuss the liberal bias of faculty on campuses in America. The event was held late last month at that Harvard on the Kinnikinnic River, the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. Let's let Pammy tell us a little about it:

Today is a day I will not soon forget. A morning of conservative speakers (Governor Pawlenty, Ron Robinson - extraordinary presentation on exposing the liberal media) - the highlight of which was Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist. Kersten very carefully explained in great detail the terrible liberal bias on college campuses and why diversity stops at the classroom door. What was most valuable to this crowd (college students) was what actions they could and should take in confronting bias. Somewhat depressing was her matter of fact closing that things would not change until this generation, her generation of faculty and professors, faded away (in other words, when they were dead.)

Spotty, you mean Katie was there and Scott and Pammy were flirting right under her nose?

That's right, grasshopper. Here's Pammy's description of lunching with Scotty and sitting on a panel with him:

Lunch followed, which I thoroughly enjoyed ......... exchanging barbs with Johnson. Laughs easily, and so gracious. Hamish guy. That Fargo accent killed me. If I ever feel nostalgic I'll be sure to rent the flick. He sounds just like Jerry Lundegaard. . . . .

The panel that Scott and I were on "Advancing your conservative ideas in New Media" followed. And I gotta tell you I had a blast. . . . .

Scott was up next and he was great. Fascinating. He took us through that morning on September 9, '04 when events began to unfold that brought us to the defining movement in 2004 Presidential election - Rathergate. Riveting. IMAO, this singular event changed the course of history. It seems to me that Johnson either ignores or negates his profound historic role in this monumental moment. When the history books are written, Johnson will be there -- that is if the West wins the war on the jihad (if the Islamists win, there will be no books.)

I followed Scott and it was pure exhilaration. I loved those kids. [italics are Spot's]

Lest you think the animal attraction was only one way, boys and girls, listen to this from Scotty, writing about the same event:

I'm speaking this afternoon with the beautiful heart-on-sleeve blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs at the Midwest Conference of the Young America's Foundation. Last night former Attorney General John Ashcroft kicked off the event with a rousing speech demolishing a few of the cherished "myths" that have become mantras of the left.

Pamela has posted video of the speech in her report on the opening of the conference last night here. Mrs. Ashcroft was also in attendance. Accordingly, you should not infer that Pamela did not enjoy the speech from the fact that she did not shout out "I love you" or words to that effect during the talk, as she did during her recording of Dr. John Hagee's "Israel lives" speech at CPAC. [italics are Spot's]

There is only one thing left to do, boys and girls: show you the guilty pair. Don't you think that Scott especially is wearing the silly grin of the smitten?

A big tail thump to James Wolcott.

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