Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spotty, I have a question

Yes, grasshopper, what is it?

You, or this blog anyway, were just named by City Pages as the Liberal Blog of the Year, right?

Yes, that's right.

How did that happen?

Whatever do you mean, grasshopper?

Well, you know, there are bloggers out there—bloggers you know—who cover a lot of subjects better than you.



Name one.

I could name several, but I'll stick with just a few. Manic collection of newsworthy links and pithy comments about, especially, journalism? Mark at Norwegianity. Your co-author, MNObserver writes over there, too, you know. Mark is the dean of Left Blogistan.

Environmental matters, including the recent and very important 3M water contamination case? Sky Blue Waters.

Minnesota tax policy? How about the blog author you call "the go to guy?" Across the Great Divide?

Norm "the empty suit" Coleman? Three Way News.

Right-wing Christian nutcases and their enablers? Media Transparency.

And finally, Minnesota Monitor, a site that is not so much a blog anymore as an online news magazine. MinnMon has people who go out an actually interview other people. Have you ever interviewed anybody, other than your made up interview with "Pastor" Mac Hammond?

Well, no, grasshopper.

I rest my case.

Well, I am not giving the award back.

Don't have to. Just don't let it go to your head.

Update: The grasshopper had forgotten that he wanted to taunt Spot with Charlie's site, too.

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