Thursday, April 19, 2007

Geoff Michel is shocked!

Shocked at the prospect of increasing the cost of pool boys, gardeners, and other retainers out here in Cakeville. The Minnesota Senate has passed a measure to raise the minimum wage from $6.15 to $7.75 per hour. Can you believe that, boys and girls? Let's see, that's $15,566 a year for full time work. Outrageous. Why, that would leave maybe six or seven thousand dollars a year left over after you buy health insurance for a family! Who couldn't get by on that?

Geoff took a dim view of the Senate action:

"It's bad policy, bad timing and another punch in the gut of Minnesota businesses," said Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina.

You're right Geoff; we want to be the region's low-cost labor supplier, just like Mississippi. Maybe we can attract more call center business like India. (Can I get that delivered tomorrow? Fer sure.) We're on the way, according to the linked article:

[Sen. Ellen] Anderson [a sponsor of the bill] said that 25 states already have higher minimum wages than Minnesota's, including Wisconsin ($.6.50), Iowa ($6.20, going to $7.25 next year) and Illinois ($6.50, going to $7.50 in July). "Even Arkansas ($6.25) is higher," she said.

Makes you really proud, doesn't it boys and girls?

Actually, for small businesses in Minnesota, the minimum wage is even lower:

For large firms, the rate would rise to $6.75 an hour on Aug. 1 and $7.75 a year later. For small firms, which now have a minimum of $5.25 an hour, the steps would be to $5.75 on Aug. 1 and $6.75 a year later.

Spot called Geoff Michel the "Great Pretender" during the campaign last year for trying to fool voters into thinking he was a moderate.

Geoff sounds like Michele Bachmann, who opposes an increase in the federal minimum wage. If Spot remembers correctly—and he is pretty sure that he does—both Michel and Michele opposed the last increase in the minimum wage when Bachmann was still in the Minnesota Legislature. Great company Geoff.

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