Saturday, April 07, 2007

Political Prosecutions

Spotty wants me to write a bit more about the shenanigans in the Eastern District of Wisconsin that ended up in an unprecedented reversal from the bench from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday in the Georgia Thompson "corruption" scandal. For background, go here.

First off, let's look at United States Attorney Steven Biskupic:

But in the 15 months he's been in office, the U.S. attorney has had a lot of people in this town running scared. The notches in his prosecutorial belt include convictions of three Milwaukee aldermen and indictments of an ousted state senator and the former chairman of the state Democratic Party.

Steven Biskupic: Devout Roman Catholic, Career prosecutor, Federalist Society member, "wears his conservative credentials on his sleeve," and for all appearances, goes after corruption like a pit bull when it's Democrats doing the wrongdoing.

There's Democratic State Senator Gary George

And Milwaukee Aldermen Paul Henningson and Jeff Pawlinski

And Milwaukee Alderwoman Rosa Cameron.

Attorney Mark Sostarich.

Democrats all. Were they corrupt? By the looks of it, yep. But we know corruption knows no one political party, or so the Abrahamoff apologists keep telling us.

Couple this enthusiasm with a Bush I appointee on the bench who's on the Advisory Board of the Milwaukee Federalist Society, and innocent people go to jail.

And don't kid yourself into thinking that it's over because the mid-term elections are behind us. Just last month, Biskupic brought in another indictment for donating while Democrat.

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