Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clap harder

Spotty's got himself a case of writers' block and as he trots off to the Blogger veterinarian, he's dropped a big ol' hint for me to pick up the slack.

Trouble is, I can't decide which story today is the best for the grasshoppers to look at as a microcosm of life today. There's the recess appointment of that Swift Boate Lies funder who was so doomed in the Senate his nomination was pulled so they could sneak it in when no one was looking. Then there's the story about Abu Gonzales having to cancel the family vacation to moot court his upcoming Congressional testimony so he doesn't get hung up on the truth. Then there are those pictures of Dick Cheney hiding Michele Bachmann-like in the bushes during that last press conference the President had.

But I think the winner is the story about Minnesota's own big mouth, Republican State Representative Marty Seifert, proclaiming that President Bush has all the popular appeal of a sexually transmitted disease.

Whatever you say, Rep. Seifert does have a way with words.

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