Friday, April 27, 2007

Did he fall or was he pushed?

When Spot went out fishing this morning (beautiful day on the stream and some fish, too; thanks for asking), he was sitting on a link that he hoped would be waiting for him this evening:

Senior Justice Department officials had raised concerns about Tom Heffelfinger, the former U.S. attorney for Minnesota, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' one-time chief of staff told congressional investigators.

The ex-chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, made the remarks in an interview with the investigators last week, according to a senior congressional judiciary aide who was familiar with the interview. The aide spoke Thursday on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation.

What are we to make of this AP story, boys and girls? Well, the diarist smit2174 already has made something of it at Minnesota Campaign Report. This person has been following the soap opera As Rachel Squirms from the beginning. The post is worth a read.

In the AP piece, Tom Heffelfinger reiterates his story that he was not pressured to leave his spot as U.S. Attorney.

In a telephone interview Thursday, Heffelfinger repeated that he left the job on his own, and he said he was not aware of any concerns that senior Justice Department officials had about him.

Remember, boys and girls, that Heffelfinger left his position early in the planning of this new Night of the Long Knives. Remember, too, that when you add his service as U.S. Attorney for Minnesota in the first Bush administration, Heffelfinger had held the position for a total of about nine years. He clearly loved the job.

With that sort of tenure with the DOJ, don't you suppose that some career person at headquarters who knew Heffelfinger got wind that knavery was afoot and tipped him off in time for him to make a more-or-less graceful exit? And the tipee is protecting the tipper? Spotty doesn't know, but he'd bet a box of kibble that's what happened.

It's really okay, Mr. Heffelfinger. Spotty says to wear the fact that you were dissed by this gang of charlatans and double crossers as a badge of honor.

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