Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Minneapolis Foundation holds first board meeting of anti-teacher MinnCan

The Minneapolis Foundation's secret campaign against public school teachers is taking shape - they apparently held their first MinnCan board meeting on October 18th, according to the Twitter feed of Marc Porter Magee, president and founder of 50Can, a spinoff of ConnCan that is replicating the organization's "success" in other states. The only other board member I could find was Minneapolis Foundation grant recipient Sondra Samuels, who posted on a webpage that "I am most recently working with a high-level team to establish MinnCAN, (Minnesota’s Campaign for Achievement Now), the first statewide Education Policy advocacy group in MN, and will serve on the first MinnCAN board."


Alec Timmerman said...

The following is a link to the National Council on Teacher Quality. I guarantee that MinnCAnn will cite their report as reinforcing their student centered goals. However, take a look at the map and you will see the states that score the best on their "teacher policy index". It's patently obvious that their teacher policy suggestions are more about what's good for administration and less about the kids. the worst states in the nation score the best on their scale.



blogspotdog said...

Sondra Samuels is the wife of Minneapolis Council member Don Samuels, whose tirades against public schools is well known. He said memorably, that he wanted to burn North High Schoolo down. It looks as he'll get his wish.