Thursday, September 21, 2006

Absolutely unforgiveable irresponsibility

Spot was thankfully otherwise occupied last evening and this morning. He hasn't had chance to comment on the wounded bellowing of Michael Brodkorb and Pat Shortridge (no links) about a blogger's viewing of an unaired Kennedy campaign TV ad. The blogger passed the link on to a Klobuchar staffer, who got herself fired for viewing the ad, too. Here's a story from the Strib with a good summary of the flap.

Charlie Quimby has an excellent perspective on this, and he faults the advertising agency for not providing security (latter link to Chuck Olsen at New Patriot) for the ad. Spot absolutely agrees.

There is no indication, by password control or warning screen or anything else whereby Kennedy's agency claims trade secret on behalf of itself or Kennedy.

Apparently, the agency's work for a lot more clients than Kennedy is available with nothing more than the client's name.

Boys and girls, this is not how you maintain a trade secret. Proof of reasonable steps to protect the information is a critical element. Clients of this agency have more than a little reason to be alarmed.

Update: There is apparently no user registration or login on the agency site. Unbelievable.

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