Monday, September 11, 2006

Shorter Katherine Kersten

Conspiracy nuts think that George Bush is a malevolent liar.

A lot of people think George Bush is a malevolent liar.

Therefore, all of these people are conspiracy nuts.

Grasshoppers and grasshopperettes, Spot wants you to study Katie’s column today and see if you don’t agree with Spot’s syllogistic summary of it. Of course you do.

Katie had the opportunity to be in full bloodthirsty cry on 9/11, and she blew it. Instead we get an argument unworthy of a grade school playground debate. Not to mention that conspiracy theories have swirled around practically every major news event in history from Eve giving Adam the fateful apple (Eve was framed), to Roosevelt knowing about about the Pearl Harbor attack beforehand, to Lee Harvey Oswald not being the only shooter.

Da Wege has more about our dear Katie this morning.

Update: Corrected Katie's adjective.

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