Thursday, September 07, 2006

Godspeed, Britta and Andrew

This is a hard one, and it’s personal. Spot has nothing to do with Borene campaign, but he’s gotten to know Britta and Andrew, and their two boys Dane and Magnus, over the last year. A sweeter family you will never meet. Andrew’s withdrawal from the SD-41 race today, and the circumstances surrounding it, are a kick in the gut. Spot is not one to look on the bright side of things, and the inclination does not come naturally here, but just a couple of observations:

First, the Borene family has made a lot of friends in the district since Andrew started running for the senate seat over a year ago. They’ll support him now, Spot’s sure.

Second, and related to the first point, a lot of people know each other and have been attracted to the DFL in SD-41 because of the Andrew’s campaign, his personable manner, and all of the hard work of Andrew and Britta (and Scott and Penny, too) and the campaign staff and volunteers. They won’t go away.

So, thanks for all the effort, Britta and Andrew. Now it’s time for you to just take care of each other and your boys for a while. We’ll see you around, we’re sure.

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