Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wherein Gary Miller shows that he does so get the memo

The right wing, displaying their well-known penchant for viewing women through the lens of their physical features, showers their readers with substance....

The substance being, of course, that women don't belong in big-league politics, and every time they try, we gotta smack 'em down. They can have those girlie offices - and woe to those who dare speak this truth - but when they aim for the big time, there seems to be a need to slap these uppity creatures back where they belong. And there really is no better way to do this than to turn the discussion into one where her looks, her tits, the way she wears her hair, her general fuckability are the issue. All else becomes secondary to the true and ugly goal: reminding everyone what women are good for, even those with senatorial aspirations.

Just this last week, we were treated to the latest Kennedy commercial, where Klobuchar is shown in grainy pictures that make her look ugly. Now she's "big-boned" (read: fat) and flirting with Clinton. The message here is obvious to Klobuchar: Know your place.

I'll bet we will also be seeing that same message delivered to Keith Ellison: Know your place.

Update: I almost spoke in this post about how long it would be before the noise machine would begin questioning Klobuchar's sexuality. I deleted that part, thinking it would take at least a few more weeks. How wrong I was.

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