Monday, September 25, 2006

Power Line’s descent into depravity

John McCain seizes the moral high ground on behalf of his country

A day or two ago, I explained why I consider it fair to say that Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner comprise the terrorist rights wing of the Republican party. In essence, the reference is fair because all three want to expand the rights that terrorists and terrorist suspects have.

Yesterday, Senator McCain listed some of the rights that terrorists now have thanks to his work. According to McCain, they have the right not to be subjected to water-boarding, extreme sleep deprivation, and forced hypothermia. Terrorist organizations also have the right, thanks to McCain, to know in advance which practices apparently are off-the-table.

McCain defended his tireless and effective advocacy for terrorist rights by stating, "we have to have the high moral ground." It is revealing, I think, that McCain believes our nation lacked the moral high moral ground in the war on terrorism until he rode to our rescue.

Spot will not send you over there, nor will he link to it, but this is a post today by Pants-Shitter Paul at Power Line. It’s too bad that the headline isn’t even true. As the links in Spotty’s last post show, there was no “compromise,” just capitulation to the administration by McCain, Warner, and Huckleberry.

Paul dishonors the memory of every American service man or woman who has acted honorably, even nobly, in war since the founding of the Republic.

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