Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Julie Jetson?

After Spot's last post, Ken Avidor sent Spot a link to a web artcle about PRT. Spot believes that Ken contributed to it. Spotty called a PRT system a hamster habitat. A really elaborate hamster habitat.

PRT concept envisions one-way loops throughout urban area. To go opposite direction, passengers must ride car "wrong way", then double back. Cars unable to enter crowded stations must stay on loops in holding patterns. Energy-efficiency, anyone?

Spotty, what does this thing look like?

Here are a couple of concept pictures, grasshopper, because PRT is only the fevered dream of people like Julie Risser and Michele Bachmann.

Crikey, Spotty! Wouldn't that look like a huge spider web over the city?

Why yes, grasshopper, it would. Here is a conceptual map of an urban PRT grid.

Pretty oppressive, isn't it boys and girls? Any environmentalist who supports this is no environmentalist.

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