Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mr. Cary, go ahead with your call

Mr. Carey? This is the conference operator. I have conference participants Alan Fine, Katherine Kersten, Michael Brodkorb, and Scott Johnson on the line. Please go ahead with your call. And thanks for using AT&T, partnering with the NSA for better security for us all!

RC – Jesus, I feel like such a putz.

AF – You do? [sounding a little pleased]

KK – What’s the matter, Ron? How can we help?

RC – You guys are gonna be mad at me.

MB – Nah, Ron, you’re the godfather. What’s up?

RC – Well, you know CAIR head Nihad Awad? The guy who came to Minneapolis for a fund raiser for Keith Ellison?

SJ – Yeah, we’ve all been flogging that story hard, just like you asked. Keith Ellison is gonna be sorry he ever heard of that mo fo. Sorry, Katie.

KK – That’s okay, Scotty. [a little breathless]

MB – We got that guilt-by-association stuff with the innuendo about Awad and Hamas pretty well nailed, Ron. Did we miss something?

RC – Well, sort of.

KK – I wrote a column about it on Monday – you remember Ron, you just called yesterday to thank me for it – and Scotty put a post on his blog about my column. Thank you swe-, Scotty.

MB – What was overlooked?

RC – It turns out this guy Awad is kind of a mensch, if that term can be applied to a Muslim.


RC – Well you don’t have to yell. I’m trying to explain. You know how we’re tying Hamas around Awad’s neck for remarks he made in 1994?

AF – What’s CAIR?

RC – Jesus, Alan. CAIR stands for Council on American-Islamic Relations. It’s a prominent Muslim group in DC.

KK – What’s a mensch?

RC – Scott, explain it to her later. It turns out that Nihad Awad stood right next to The President of the United States on September 17th of 2001 to denounce the airplane hijackings of the week before. There’s a picture of him standing next to The President of the United States on the White House website.

SJ – Boy, I feel kind of stupid.

KK – No, you’re not, Scotty.

MB – It makes us all look stupid. Thanks, Ron.

AF – Does this mean I won’t be a congressman?

RC – Jesus, Alan. We’ve been through this before. That’s all I’ve got to say. [click]

KK – Ron, what do you expect us to do now? Ron? Ron?

AF – I think he hung up, Katie.

MB – Brilliant, Alan. [click]

[click] [click]

AF – Hello?

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Update: Almost forgot. A thump of the tail to Rob for the tip.

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