Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Soccer as preparation for death

Katie’s column Rising when we fall and learning when we lose was pointed to with approval by Paul at Powerline. In a post he calls That to philosophize is to learn to die (no link), Paul recalled the shocking adoption of a rule in Connecticut high school sports that sought to limit blow outs to fifty points. (Never mind that the ten run rule already exists in a lot of places.) He compares this with the stoicism of the Christian Bad News Bears soccer team that Son of Katie played on and that Katie describes in her column.

You know, it is so important to experience catastrophic failure young. There is nothing better for the inculcation of the values of the social Darwinism early on. You only have once chance to put that killer instinct in the adolescent. Spotty bets that Paul has his own version of the Pork Chop Games.

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