Saturday, September 02, 2006

Davey and Geoff

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Strom residence. This is David himself.

Davey, this is Geoff Michel.

Well hello Geoff! It’s nice of you to call the pledge master.

Davey, I need a favor.

For one of my acolytes? Name it pisan. An endorsement? A mention in literature or on the Taxpayers League website? Even a personal appearance for you Geoff!

Those things won’t help, I’m afraid.

What? You have a problem that won’t succumb to Davey’s personal charm? You must be in deep doo doo my friend. What do you need?

Actually I need you to criticize me.

Why would I do that? From my perspective, you’re one of the best!

That’s really flattering, Davey, but I’ve got a very difficult election contest in my district. And as you know, the Crosstown Commons project was killed last week.

Hey, wasn’t that great? Imagine the nerve of that guy Erhardt – he’s from Edina, too, right? – wanting to raise the gas tax to fund transportation. It took a real mensch to vote against that gas tax increase with all the people in your district clogged up on the Crosstown. When you took the No New Taxes pledge, Geoff, it really meant something to you. Congratulations!

Davey, that vote is really coming back to haunt me. People are saying that I helped give the governor – another pledge signer, I know – a veto-proof margin in both houses of the Legislature. I’ve been running around pretending like the Crosstown is now my number one worry, but people aren’t buying it. Can you help me? Disavow me? Maybe you could write a letter to the local paper, it’s called the Sun Current. Tell the people I voted against the Taxpayers League dictates a couple of times.

Well, okay, if that’s what you want. If you get re-elected, though, I expect you to toe the line.

Oh Davey, I will! Thanks for the help.

Here, boy and girls, is the letter that David Strom wrote for Geoff Michel.

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