Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Julie, Julie, Julie

Spot did not realize until just recently that you were one of the Pod people. That’s not iPod; it’s Personal Rapid Transit, Gs and Gettes.

Spotty, what’s Personal Rapid Transit?

Ah, grasshopper, that is a good question. What is the sound of one hand clapping? No one knows because it has never been done. Spot thinks it is a little like a mini-Rapture or perhaps the transporters on the starship Enterprise. Beam me up Julie! Or maybe beam me over to Dayton’s, I mean Field’s, I mean Macy’s! Here’s how the Green Party’s Dean Zimmerman’s pod plan was supposed to work. Of course, Dean is in kind of deep doo doo now.

PRT makes Spot think of the hamster habitats you can buy to let your hamsters zoom around in tubes and wind up in unexpected places like so many furry Jetsons. What fun!

Spotty, how do you know that Julie Risser is a Pod person?

Ken Avidor says so a post on the blog Dump Mark Olson. Spotty will anticipate your question, grasshopper, and tell you that Mark Olson is a Republican legislator from Big Lake (sort of half-way between the metro area and St. Cloud) who apparently used PRT as a red herring to oppose the North Star commuter line. In fact, Ken made up a graphic of the Pod people:

Who are these people, Spotty?

Grasshopper, left to right they are Dean Zimmerman, Mark Olson, Julie Risser, and Michele Bachmann. That’s Green, Republican, Green, Republican.

Boy, Spotty, it sure looks like the Republicans are using the Greens to oppose legitimate transit solutions.

You speak with wisdom for one so young, grasshopper.


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