Saturday, August 07, 2010

Best link evah!

A few weeks ago, Aaron posted about the fact that Tom Emmer’s (apparently soon-to-be-former) campaign manager, Mark Buesgens, wanted to sell off the state’s parks. It was a very popular post; Aaron offered it as an example of the kind of thinkers that were surrounding Stonewall in his bid to be the next governor.

But little did anybody here think that Aaron or the Stool would be cited as authority by Rep. Buesgens’ Republican primary opponent, Tom Rees:

Close and Sell the Parks - the Buesgens' Way
A local blogger does an in-depth explanation of the House debate that Representative Buesgens contributed his solution on the issue of our State Parks. You may find the article by clicking here.

But there you have it. The Cucking Stool: respected news source for truly thinking Republicans everywhere.

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