Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakfast at Delta Airlines

I just got back from a short trip to Montana. Beautiful place.  My wife and I flew from the Twin Cities to Missoula, via Delta Airlines. The flight itself went smoothly enough - perhaps because the flight was actually run by something called "Compass Airlines," not Delta itself.

When we booked the trip Expedia told us that we were to be served a "breakfast" on both flights - coming and going. Of course we knew that was just so much bullshit - we'd flown NWA and Delta before. What is surprising is the absolute penny pinching going on these days. To begin with, any checked bag now costs $25 each way; for two people checking ONE bag each, that amounts to a $100 surcharge, added on to the $700 roundtrip fare. You'd think with that kind of money changing hands an airline wouldn't have to so blatantly lie about what was served on the flight, but you'd be wrong. Take a look at this picture of "breakfast" according to Delta:

That might constitute breakfast for something like a squirrel, but for a human? Notice how the bag itself is nothing more than an advertisement for something called "Hilton Garden Inn." Did Delta have to pay anything for this "breakfast"? I took the bag home, opened it, and counted 20 peanuts:

$700 for a round-trip airplane ticket; $100 hidden charges for bringing some luggage; 20 peanuts for breakfast. Priceless. This is what late-stage monopoly capitalism looks like.


blogspotdog said...

Maybe "end stage."

DiscordianStooge said...

Well, the bag fee isn't "hidden." They've been doing it for over a year along with pretty much every airline but Southwest (which has it's own issues). Doesn't make it any better though.

As for breakfast, I've been served a "real" breakfast on Delta flights (It's usually something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike an egg), and if Expedia said you were to get a breakfast, I'd complain to Expedia.

Next time try Amtrak :)

Rob Levine said...

Well - it wasn't just Expedia that said breakfast - so did the boarding pass from Delta. As for "hidden" fees - you caught me in a bit of hyperbole. But really - who would travel half way around the country, on vacation or business, without some luggage? It is absurd. How do you compare ticket prices without doing some deep research and planning about how much luggage you need to bring, and finding out who charges what for checking them? "Hidden" may be too strong, but it's close.

blogspotdog said...

Since you put this up Rob, I've been observing the resident squirrels in the AM. With two big oak trees in the yard, I am pretty sure they eat more than you did.