Saturday, August 28, 2010

The eighth grade campaign

Who could forget those wacky days of junior high school? Especially for you guys.

Remember the kid who could shoved pencils all the way into his nose? (Whatever happened to him anyway?) Or the gross out specialist who could fart or belch on command? (Admit it; you remember him, too.) But the best practitioner in the physical humor department was the guy who could make his eyes operate entirely independent of each other. Remember?


Then there was the bathroom humor specialist. He was the fellow who made up all the funny limericks about people from places like Wheeling, West Virginia and that funny-sounding place in — where was that? — Massachusetts? He was always drawing graffiti in the restrooms.

kilroy horner


You lost track of these loveable characters, didn’t you? But now you know what happened to them. They opened up a creative agency and are producing campaign commercials and ads for Tom Horner.

Kilroy graphic by Phoenix Woman.

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Phoenix said...

Anyone want to make book as to how many Horner urinal ads end up looking like this by the end of the Fair?