Monday, August 23, 2010

God’s feeling the pinch

Or, The church in the hole. (Flagrantly stolen from City Pages.)

According to City Pages:

God's feeling the recession pinch as hard as everyone else: Mac Hammond's prosperity gospel Living Word Christian Church is broke.

It is also funny, almost beyond recounting, that TCF Bank bought the church property at the foreclosure sale. TCF, as the stuckee, undoubtedly bid its debt, $4.5 million; let’s see what this sucker fetches on the market when the redemption period is over.

A thump of the tail to Dump Bachmann and Ken Avidor for the link.


Phoenix Woman said...

If only Michele Bachmann had given them some of the millions she's got socked away thanks to Mac's letting her fundraise from the pulpit, they might still be in business, as it were.

Ned said...

What?? Mac's prosperity gospel was not this the end times...for him?

blogspotdog said...

Sigh, should have insisted on a commission.