Sunday, August 15, 2010

General Petraeus to David Gregory: We’re making progress!

That was the message on Meet the Press this morning. But Robert Greenwald reminds us otherwise.

We’ve been expecting Petraeus to hit the medicine show circuit:

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates signaled the military’s position recently when he said that the initial troop withdrawals next summer “will be of fairly limited numbers.” General Petraeus, who has kept a low profile for the past six weeks while conducting a countrywide assessment, is expected to amplify the message during the media offensive he will begin on Sunday, when he is to appear on the NBC News program “Meet the Press.” He is expected to say that the last of the 30,000 additional troops Mr. Obama ordered to Afghanistan last December will not arrive until later this month, and that the counterinsurgency strategy has not been given enough time to succeed.

And the violence is getting worse, not better.

Update: General Petraeus says he doesn’t want to preside over a graceful exit. Be careful what you wish for, General.

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blogspotdog said...

Holding out for the graceless exit.