Sunday, August 15, 2010

If oranges are good, are apples bad?


No, silly; the fact that one is good does not mean that the other is bad. That’s stupid thinking.

Good. Thank you. Next question. If traditional marriage is good, is gay marriage bad?

Why, of course it . . .   [long confused pause] Yes it is. It definitely is.

Here’s the opening grafs of Katherine Kersten’s column in the Strib this morning:

Did you know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are bigots? Ditto for the justices of New York's, Maryland's and Washington's highest state courts. And there are at least 7 million bigots in California alone, along with legions more across the country.

Their strange and aberrant delusion? They believe -- or say it's reasonable to believe -- that traditional marriage is a social good that serves our nation well.

Katie just wants company paddling in the bigot’s broth. I am sure you will search in vain for one of the people on Katie’s list who want to replace or eliminate “traditional” marriage.

The rest of the column is just the usual gibberish about activist judges, etc. & etc. That Fourteenth Amendment is really turning out to be bummer for conservatives like Katie!

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It would appear so.