Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Conservative therapeutics

I am not a big Twitter® user, unlike some people around here. I do read the Strib’s Hot Dish Politics blog, however, and it has a Twitter feed pane that anyone can participate in by using the hashtag #stribpol in their “tweet.”

I do go to that blog a few times day. Sometimes a story will arch over the day in the Twitter pane; it can be fun watch. Often, it’s simple therapeutics for the tweeters.


Yesterday, Mitch Berg complained on Twitter about the treatment of the political contribution by Target to MNFoward, claiming that the resulting boycott against Target was a thought crime.

Capture3 If the $150,000 contribution was a “thought crime,” you have to wonder how much Target would have given if it actually did something about it.

Perhaps realizing that the “thought crime” idea was a little flimsy, Mitch comes closer to identifying the real problem for conservatives a little later.

Capture2No fair! We want somebody to boycott,too!

And hearing Mitch’s plaintive wail, trusty Luke Hellier delivers the solution.


The boycott against Mystic Lakes was announced, you guessed it, on Twitter.

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