Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Governor of all suburbia

Word is that Candidate Tom Emmer is skipping tomorrow's debate sponsored by the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. Apparently he's too busy attending a fundraiser to bother with the debate - you know, "just one of those scheduling things." Members of the coalition - primarily cities in rural areas throughout the state - are disappointed.

Also disappointed with Emmer's dismissive treatment of them are the mayors of the state's largest cities. His proposals to slash 40% of Local Government Aid and eliminate the Met Council are seen as short-sighted and dismissive of the needs of urban areas.

So if you alienate the rural areas and you never did care about the urban centers, what's left? Given the slowdown in the growth of suburban developments, the empty expanses of half-built developments that litter Emmer's district, you'd think he'd realize that once the suburban middle class is wiped out, who will be left to support him?

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James K said...

The foreclosure crisis is particularly bad in Otsego but that's because of certain...somewhat foolish decisions Otsego made when the boom was going.  My town, St. Michael, certainly has had its problems too but not quite as bad.

But there Tom Emmer sits, like Congresswoman Bachmann, thinking that its not a problem and that he doesn't have to do anything.  Which only goes to show how much he cares for others.

I'll point out though...St. Michael has never gotten LGA.