Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Curious Case of Craig Westover

The Curious Case of Craig Westover and the Disappearing Ford Plant

ol fishsticks brand 1 In this morning's Strib, Craig "One Note" Westover expounds on how we cannot afford a fair tax system and must have one that is efficient for business instead.

Hold that thought.

There is another article in the same issue of said paper, recounting how St. Paul and the State basically agreed to give away the store to keep the Ford plant open, and Ford said "nyet."

Reconcile these two stories. Discuss.

In your conversation, boys and girls, you may wish to consider whether factors other than a government’s willingness to commit social suicide might be at play in affecting a business’s decision to locate, invest, or expand.

Graphic by Tild.


Ned said...

This "trickle" down arguement (or "pissed" on as my friends call it)  has been proven wrong many times, even David Stockman of Ron Raygun fame says it doesn't work yet this guy is still preaching it?  Business is curently sitting on the most cash they have in generations, we should give them more?  They are not creating jobs, thsy are sitting on the money!  

Charlie Quimby said...

It all hinges (or most of it, anyway) on the qualifier "all else being equal."

If they were, and taxes were all that held sway in the economy, the only other difference between New York and North Dakota would be their places in an alphabetical list of states, and Mitch Berg would be doing user interface design in Fargo instead of St. Paul.

James K said...

Well according to Mr. Tice who is the commentary editorial department at the Strib, yeah they would note that next time if Mr. Westover is still with the Anderson...campaign.