Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A cul-de-sac off memory lane

Who made these predictions?

If I had to pick the top three [DFL contenders for the nomination], they'd be Bakk [early casulty], Coleman [never ran] and Kelliher — in, of course, alphabetical order.

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Former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton — Like Entenza, he is likely to have enough personal resources to be financially competitive in a primary. However, his public support was waning rapidly during the final years of his Senate term.  If Dayton found an issue (such as prescription drug costs, which he used in 2000) he could gain minimal traction, but he still is not likely to win.

Dayton did find some issues: seniors, education, and forthrightly talking about the need to raise revenue and how to raise it.

Mark Dayton has restored himself with an economically populist message. In the last debate before the primary, when asked why voters should choose him, Dayton responded "I will raise the most revenue." And that is the most straightforward and honest thing I've heard on the campaign trail this season.

“Oh dear!” say some; he’s fomenting [spell checker helpfully offers fermenting] class warfare! The class warfare, however, has been mounted by the wealthy on the rest of us, and they’ve been winning it.

It surprises me not at all that the candidate who seems to understand that essential truth, and said so directly, won the primary.

And who was the author of the predictions? You’ll have to follow the link.

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