Monday, August 02, 2010

From the campaign finance wars

We've all heard it before, that lawyers are intellectual prostitutes, saying what they're told to say to help their clients. Blah, blah, blah.

But I think I can predict that I will go to my grave never ever having written something as palpably duplicitous as the email I received this afternoon on behalf of a millionaire candidate using personal money to win an election suddenly taking umbrage at the fact that someone pointed out that's he's a millionaire candidate using personal money to win an election. From the second email of the day on the subject from the Entenza campaign:
In last night's KSTP debate Rep. Kelliher revealed the depths of her desperation when she called the Entenza campaign 'astroturf.' To suggest that the efforts of thousands of Minnesotans volunteering for an opposing campaign, particularly one in the same political party, are fake and insincere is insulting and damaging to the Democratic party.
Gimme a break. The "depths of her desperation"? This from a man who plowed $620,000 into his campaign just this last Friday.

And in other campaign money news, Holiday Companies gave $25,000 to MN Forward to help elect Tom Emmer.

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